Back-to-School-with-Martial-Arts-Master-Blacks-Karate-Fit-USAMartial arts has the potential to set kids on a path to become successful adults. At Master Black’s Karate Fit USA, we teach lessons designed to strengthen a child’s mental and physical development. The character-developing lessons that kids learn through martial arts apply to other areas of their lives, including the classroom.

Here are a few lessons from martial arts that kids can take back to school this year. (These five codes are taken from Tang Soo Do and are meant to guide students in their martial arts practice.)

1. Contribution: give with no expectation of reward.

Be kind and generous to others without expecting anything in return. In the classroom, offer to help a student by doing something as simple as holding the door open for them.

2. Respect: for all people and things.

Demonstrate respect by listening and paying attention to your teacher. No matter how tempting it is to chat with the person sitting next to you. Also, treat your fellow students with kindness and respect.

3. Harmony: understand that all things are related and interdependent.

Honor the friendship and relationships that you have with everyone at your school. Smile and say hello.

4. Determination: quitting is not the solution.

Never retreat from a goal or responsibility; show courage and persistence. Even when something is challenging or doesn’t make sense, stick with it and do your best to learn and understand.

5. Humanity: honor all aspects of life without abusing anything or anyone.

Act honorably to others; be patient, understanding, and respectful.

At Master Black’s Karate Fit USA in Monroe, we strive to help you prepare for whatever lies ahead. The lessons a child learns through martial arts stays with them for life, helping them grow into a strong, responsible, and caring adult. To learn more about how to get started, contact us today.