Signing up for a martial arts program at a school provides experienced instructors who can help structure, guide, and support you in your practice. Most schools typically offer a few different training options for their students. You might have a choice of attending private training sessions, group classes, or both.

Private martial arts training shares many benefits with a group martial arts class. However, there are also some differences. Let’s take a closer look at each option to help you find the best fit for you:

Private Martial Arts Training

Take a close look at your training and your goals to determine where you’d benefit from some one-on-one instruction. Perhaps you have hit a plateau, so now you’re trying to get out of a training or fitness rut? Or maybe there is a specific skill or technique that you’re struggling to learn?

Once you know what you’d like to focus on, share this with your instructor. Then they will design your private training sessions around you. Your instructor will take your current skill level, fitness, and martial arts goals into account. The personalized attention might be just what you need to advance your practice to the next level.


Group Martial Arts Classes

A group martial arts class gives you the chance to train and learn with a diverse range of experience and fitness levels. Working with different training partners creates different situations where you can work on your strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes you might know more than your opponent. Other times, you might be training with someone with more advanced skills compared to yours. Either way, a group class creates all kinds of unique learning opportunities to develop your martial arts practice further.

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