“Before success comes patience…when we add to our accomplishments the element of hard work over a long period of time, we’ll place a far greater value on the outcome.  When we are patient we’ll have a greater appreciation of our success.”  John Wooden

“How long will it take to get a Black Belt?”  It is invariably one of the questions that I am always asked by a new, or prospective student.  And the honest answer I always give them is a simple one, “I don’t know, that’s up to you.”   The “road” to success in any endeavor can be a longer one for some individuals than others.  And this is especially true when it comes to the martial arts.  I can remember from my own personal experience, that a woman I trained with years ago, who started training three months after I did, actually made Black Belt a year before I did.  But I didn’t get discouraged, however.  I just worked harder and eventually made Black Belt the next year.

A person’s biggest discouragement when getting into the martial arts, or any endeavor in life, can be watching someone else advance faster than they do.  There can be a number of factors that contribute to this.  But the most important thing to remember however, is that we are created as individuals.  And just like the human body is built over time, one cell at a time, or a house is built one board or brick at a time, a great martial artist is built one move at a time, one technique at a time.  I took twenty-two years to build the beauty that is the Taj Mahal, in India.  And one great the great things about the martial arts is that, if you let it, it will eventually make YOUR individuality, contribute to the “beauty” that will be YOUR success as well.  So be patient with yourself, not just in the your martial training, but in all things in life.

“Almost anything difficult, any challenge takes time, patience, and hard work.”  

Arnold Scharwzenegger

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