“My daughter, Abi is very excited to be learning martial arts. They realy know how to motivate young minds!”
– Marina Villarreal

“I started at Master Black’s Karate in the summer of 2003 at 10 years old. I was HOOKED instantly! I loved attending classes where I felt included and important. I could learn at my own pace and I learned to set my own goals with the guidance of strong leaders around me. I received individualized attention and learned various skills that I can honestly say is the #1 reason I have succeed in so many areas of my life (other sports such as tennis, track, college cheerleading and most importantly, in school, in relationships, and my self-worth) For 8 years of my life the instructors and my fellow peers at MBMA took the time and energy to invest in me. The training I received like so many “
– Cassie Lynn

“My Family and I have been members here since 2013, It’s a fun, family-oriented place to learn Martial Arts, not to mention getting and/or staying in shape. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and caring.  Having tried the fad gyms & workouts with little or no results, This was a last resort for me personally-Since attending Master Black’s Karate classes, and fitness classes, I’ve lost over 20 lbs, and I’ve regained confidence and energy that I haven’t had in years. We plan on being members for a long time to come.”
– Jon McNiece

“At Master Black’s Karate USA you will enter a dojo of professional instructors that is outstanding people and passionate about this system. I have been attending there for quite sometime now and feel like we are one family training together. You will not only learn to defend yourself but you will have fun and get in great shape at the same time. It’s not confined to one system. You will become well rounded at defending yourself. Come in and experience it for yourself.”
– Joshua Furr

“As a senior citizen I have been attending Master Black’s Karate Fit USA. It is amazing how much I have learned and am able to do in just 3 months. Master Black is a great instructor who takes his time with you to make sure you can do the routines. As I have progressed my self confidence has increased to the point where I was able to participate in board breaking twice. If you are considering taking Karate lessons I strongly recommend Master Black’s Karate Fit USA. ”
– Alfred Rivera

“My son attends Master Black’s, he enjoys going to class every week. He has developed confidence from learning Karate. Master Black and leaders are great teachers and the facility is great too! i recommend trying it!”
– Jen Hughes

“My son has adhd and has gained focus by taking karate. He loves the class and even practices at home. The teacher are great and work well with the kids to make them thrive. Great school and even my little baby tries to mimic their moves so maybe one day she will take class as well.”
– Brenda Shaffer

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